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Dreamhealer June 7, 2006

Posted by Dreamhealer in Books.

Dreamhealer ( Dream Healer )
I wanted to share an unexpected testimonial with y’all. I have been very busy caring for my mom. She is almost 84 and has dementia, among other things. She was in the hospital last month for medications adjustments and fell while in there. She got a fracture just below the ball on the top of her femur. They did surgery and put in 4 long screws. Afterwards, she wasn’t doing well and it seemed that this may be the end of her mobility and will to live.
I have been so exhausted the past month that have barely had time to work on my own healing. Then last weekend I took my DVD player in and played Adam’s DVD. While it played, I concentrated on sending healing energy her way while I rubbed her back and neck, hands and arms. She would pay attention for a few moments, then her mind wandered. I would try to bring her back to the DVD, but the distractions were frequent. But the amazing thing was as the DVD played, her moments of calm expanded.
Then two days later she was up and participating in P.T. and on the 3rd day, she was walking over 50 feet. Today (4th after Adam’s DVD), she offered that she is picturing healing her bone and her plans to get stronger. This was pretty amazing in itself as her moments of lucidity have been rare and minimal. But today she was sitting straighter, feeding herself (her appetite greatly improved), and expressing a strong determination to start working on mending herself. When I tried to ask her questions about the DVD or her words, she was not able to stay on the subject. But I have to tell you her turn around in just a couple days was truly amazing. Thank you again.


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