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DreamHealer Book Review December 7, 2006

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Dreamhealer: His Name is Adam

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Book Review

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I just finished “DreamHealer: His Name is Adam” (a.k.a., “DreamHealer 1“). (“DreamHealer 2” is now available. I’ll be reading it next, but have thumbed through it enough to get the gist of it.) Definitely an enjoyable and worthwhile read.

“DreamHealer: His Name is Adam”, starts out with sort of an autobiographical overview of how young Adam (16 years old a year ago when he wrote this book) discovered that there was something “unusual” about himself, and came to recognize it as a unique ability as a healer. Then it continues as Adam explains how he sees things when he works with people, gives some case histories, and concludes with recommendations for good health.

Don’t be skeptical about the age of Adam and how rudimentary his writing skills might be… I quickly forgot that myself as I read the book. He seems much older than his 16 years would indicate.

I recommended it to a friend yesterday. That friend, who is a very competent healer in his own right, said he’d looked at it, but didn’t see anything there for him, which surprised me. When asked how that was true, he said that the book seemed to be about Adam describing his gifts… not teaching. I told him that he needed to check it out again. (I’ll lend mine to him now.)

Back when I decided to read about every healer I heard about, the idea was to see what potential lay “out there”, and work to distill the ideas that I came across in my readings. In doing so, there were a few healers (Dean Kraft, Ze’ev Kohlman, Benjamin Bibb, in particular), who opened doors to new levels for me, because what they did was so different than the others I read about. Dean Kraft would study medical illustrations to get an idea what a “normal” condition was, then focus that intent to make it happen in the client. Ze’ev Kohlman among other things, could see energy meridians and pinpoint blockages, which was very different from anyone else I’d heard of. And Benjamin Bibb would look at things mechanically… for instance, visualizing that he took apart an arthritic joint, sandpapered the surfaces smooth, and applied a permanent salve / lubricant. To me, finding out about how each of these healers did things in their unique was was inspiring as well as thought- provoking.

I see Adam’s “holograms” in the same light. In “DreamHealer 1”, although Adam doesn’t specifically “teach” holograms, the fact that he describes them to the extent that he does, does give us a glimpse of possibilities, which, as developing healers (do we ever truly “finish”?) ourselves, allows us to set new goals… and reach them.

“DreamHealer 2”, on the other hand IS about teaching us how he does what he does… and how we may be able to do similar things ourselves. The illustrations (in full color) of what he sees when he works are very good and give us the distinct “knowing”, that with a little practice and patience, we can see in a similar, if not the same, way.

If you’re a healer who is on a quest for relevant books, these are as relevant as you’ll find anywhere. And they’re written in plain English that doesn’t leave us scratching our heads trying to understand vague explanations, or, compare a new esoteric terminology to words we currently are familiar with to see how they match up.

I highly recommend that you buy both books…
forum post -Dec. 2004

Full Title: DreamHealer: His Name is Adam
Author: Adam Dreamhealer
Publisher: Hampton Roads Pub Co (April 1, 2003)
ISBN: 0973274808
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