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Thinking Can Change the brain April 1, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Research.

Neuroscientists are venturing into new areas positing that through attentive thinking (meditating) we can reshape the hard drive of our brains.

Below are excerpts selected by Sharon Begley, Wall Street Journal science
columnist, from her own book, “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain.”

The subject–mind over matter–would have been off-limits just a few years
ago when biological psychiatry held an iron grip on scientific discourse
about the brain, having banished even the concept of mind.

Neuroscience was revolutionized in 2004 when it was discovered contrary to
previous dogma, that brain neurotransmitters are plastic rather than rigid.
Adult brains, it was discovered, were plastic and changeable. The brain’s
neuroplasticity means that the brain has the ability to change its structure
and function in response to experience.

Begley writes that the Dali Lama added another dimension: namely, the theory
that the mind has the ability–through directed meditation (rigorous
thinking) to change the brain as well.

This, I believe, may be a scientific turning point away from the dogma of
biological psychiatry and its reductionist approach to mental functions.
That mechanistic simplification of the human dimension is likely to be
relegated to the dust heap of history’s long trail of failed theories.  Read More…


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