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Energy healing is real — and valuable April 5, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Health.

It’s been interesting to read Peter Sayles comments about Pat Dionne-Dickson’s participation in the high school’s Wellness Day. His criticism of her profession because it cannot be proven using the scientific method has given me food for thought.

I worked in the plant science industry for more than 30 years and have had a lot of training in biology and botany. My mother was a nurse, and my father was the supervisor of the X-Ray Technology program before it became part of NCCC. They both cured here for tuberculosis. Because of that, much of my world has revolved around the medical/science world and the scientific method of research.

Nearly two years ago at a meeting I attended, Pat Dionne-Dickson gave a presentation on the Chakra energy system that is in all of us. When she did an exercise with us to show us how to feel our own energy, I (and others there) could feel it. I was stunned. This challenged me to be open to a new way of thinking about how the human body works. After almost two years of reading and taking classes in this area, I have no doubt that energy systems exist in the body. That I can feel it, move it, bring it in to me and share it with someone else continues to amaze and intrigue me. The question is, what can be done with this energy, and how is it to be used in ethical and good, health-promoting ways?
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