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Dreamhealer Workshop testimonial May 8, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Testimonials.

I attended your workshop this past weekend in Newark. Everything leading up to and during the workshop was divinely guided down to the seat I sat in (center left section, 2nd row, aisle seat). Many wonderful synchronicities occured that I would love to share. However, I will get to the best part…my healing. After the second group healing I had a bad headache ( I rarely ever get a headache). On our way back home I stopped to fuel up and noticed as I walked that my lower back and hips moved freely. You see, I had cracked my back during child labor and developed scoliosis at L3-L5. My lumbar back would sometimes give me a fit. Anyway, I noticed that when I went to yoga on Sunday May 6, I was able to go further in my poses and without ANY pain or stiffness. It was like I never had a back issue at all. I hadn’t realized my healing until this event. I feel totally blessed and honored to have been able to attend your workshop, let alone receive a healing. I thank you, your family, your crew and all who attend you on a spiritual realm. I practice healing arts and truly believe in this method. You are a blessing to this earth. May God continue to bless you and your family in all you do.


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