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Adam – The Real Story May 19, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Articles.

Adam is a gifted distant energy healer and best-selling author of three books about his work. His techniques are described in his first book, “DreamHealer- His name is Adam” and specific tools to increase our own healing abilities are given in “DreamHealer 2-Guide to Self-Empowerment”. An interactive DVD has just been released which brings this method to life entitled, “DreamHealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment”. A third book was released in Canada by Penguin Books in March 2006 entitled, “The Path of the DreamHealer”. All books will be released in many languages world-wide. Adam combines his First Nations background and experiences healing amongst indigenous people and others with his channeled insights about the science behind healing.

 In his books and workshops he explains how our minds, through intention, directly affect our immune systems. We each can develop skills to direct energy in re-establishing health, as we seek to achieve a higher level of consciousness. The academic theories of quantum physics come to life with his accounts of his direct experience of the interconnectedness we all share.

 Adam uses energy healing in a unique way to merge the auras of all participants with healing intentions. Then he uses holographic views to energetically affect through intention those present. His full-day workshop contains two group treatments. Adam’s workshops are participatory as through the use of visualizations he empowers individuals to use their own healing abilities. He will share his insights on this topic and share his own healing abilities with all attending. Adam guides your own healing abilities in the right direction and gives you some basic tools for improving and maintaining your health. He shows us how to take more effective control of our immune system and healing abilities through intention. The workshop treatments involves Adam’s healing intentions, your intentions and the intentions of all those around you.

 Adam brings a diverse yet youthful perspective to health and well-being. Endorsements of Adam’s work in healing have been received from many people including Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, rock star Ronnie Hawkins and Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow. Dr. Mitchell has been Adam’s science mentor since their meeting four years ago, as Adam sees the healing that he does being explained within the realm of quantum physics and quantum holograms. Ronnie Hawkins provides an interesting account of Adam helping him to heal from terminal pancreatic cancer, as told in the book, “DreamHealer”. In 2002, Adam had the honor of being presented with the “Young Visionary Award” at the World Qigong Congress. His website is full of testimonials from hundreds of people from all walks of life. His message is simple, yet his journey is one which ultimately affects us all.


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