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Symone is Fully Recovered May 20, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing.

Symone had an EEG last month and the results were all normal – normal brain activity – she had an MRI a couple of months ago and the results show the brain healing a lot faster than they ever imagined, some parts that had died seem to be recovering which is absolutely amazing – David (Symone’s father) I am convinced that without Adam’s help and the subsequent visualizations that he taught us to do she would be in a vegetative state – so all in all i am very pleased with her progress and i am sure her school work will pick up as well.

**The latest News about Symone is:  She has now recovered and is living her life to the fullest. For those who haven’t seen the history on Symone, here it is:

The doctors operated immediately and removed part of her skull to relieve the massive brain pressure she was experiencing, as well as a large blood clot. She was  only given a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery but without it she would have died. However, she did survive the surgery and since that time, for the first week following her accident, they regularly drained  brain fluid to keep her pressure down. She remained in an induced coma for 2 weeks so that the brain could begin to heal. The doctors did not give a good prognosis during that time, telling us to expect partial paralysis at best and brain death at the worst. Miraculously, though, despite the severe brain injury, she suffered no other organ damage or broken bones except for a crushed vertebrae. There were no nerves severed in her back.
Symone appeared to be steadily improving in the first week following her injury with her brain pressure levels stabilizing to slightly above normal. She even seemed to respond to external stimuli. However she suffered a setback on the night of July the 2nd when her brain pressure rose dramatically and she developed a high fever. This, combined with other symptoms she was experiencing, caused the doctors to fear that she may have suffered damage to the central part of her brain known as the Hypothalamus. See its functions below…



(hi-po-thal-ms) , an important supervisory center in the brain, rich in ganglia, nerve fibers, and synaptic connections. It is composed of several sections called nuclei, each of which controls a specific function. The hypothalamus regulates body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, and sugar levels in the blood. Through direct attachment to the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus also meters secretions controlling water balance and milk production in the female. The role of the hypothalamus in awareness of pleasure and pain has been well established in the laboratory. It is thought to be involved in the expression of emotions, such as fear and rage, and in sexual behaviors. Despite its numerous vital functions, the hypothalamus in humans accounts for only 1⁄300 of total brain weight, and is about the size of an almond. Structurally, it is joined to the thalamus; the two work together to monitor the sleep-wake cycle.”


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