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Complementary therapies help patients cope with serious illnesses May 27, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing.

Karen Necela of Monroe has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. She has had a stem cell transplant and takes oral chemotherapy.

“My numbers are holding steady,” she says.

Remission of the disease would be ideal, but for now she hopes for the best.

Once a month, Necela, 61, finds herself at the CentraState Health Awareness Center in Freehold Township to undergo a Reiki session, a procedure that is part of what is called complementary or integrative medicine.

In a room filled with warm light, soft music and scented candles, she lies down and registered nurse and Reiki master Anne Giblin begins to move her hands over Necela’s body, touching her at some points but often moving them an inch or so above her body.

The session lasts 30 minutes, Giblin channeling what she calls life-force energy through Necela’s body, unblocking energy centers (or chakras) if need be.

It all sounds a little vague to the uninitiated — the Reiki, the aromatherapy and all the rest of it.

Giblin understands the skepticism on the part of some in the medical community. In the case of Reiki, she is talking about an invisible energy that is not able to be measured objectively and can be used even across the room from the patient if the practitioner is particularly attuned to the universal life force, Giblin said. Read more on this topic…..


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