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Herbal Medicines In Healthcare May 27, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Health.

THE growth of the pharmaceutical industry and the unending development of new and more effective artificial and biological medicinal products have not lessened the value of medicinal plants in many societies. On the contrary, population growth in the developing world and increasing interest in the industrialised nations have greatly expanded the demand for medicinal plants themselves and the products derived from them.

Western medicine

While Western medicine remains the mainstream of the health care system the world over, herbal medicines continue to enjoy considerable popularity. Drinking herbal tea or herbal tonics made from various medicinal herbs has become a common practice among people.

Although modern medicine is well developed in most parts of the world, large sections of the population in the developing countries still rely on traditional medical practitioners, medicinal plants and herbal medicines for their primary care. Moreover during the past decades, public interest in natural therapies has increased greatly in the industrialised countries, with expanding use of medicinal plants and herbal medicines.

The successful combination of modern and traditional medicine has given impetus to the gradual modernisation of herbal medicine to facilitate handling and promote exports. Although Western medicine is the main form of health care in Nepal as elsewhere, traditional medicine continues to enjoy considerable popularity here, too, but its practice is confined to outpatient care. Moreover, in a country where peons in the doctor-less hospitals in the villages attend to the patients, the public is left with little option.
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