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Cutting Edge Conference Reaches Out to Physicians June 4, 2007

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There is never a crowd at the cutting edge. But the “Body Heals” conference hosted by the ACIPBC (Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC), which was held May 25-27, 2007 at the University of Victoria, was a great start.

Vancouver, B.C. (PRWEB) May 29, 2007 — There is never a crowd at the cutting edge. But the “Body Heals” conference hosted by the ACIPBC (Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC), which was held May 25-27, 2007 at the University of Victoria, was a great start, said conference presenter Adam DreamHealer.

“The physicians who attended were brave enough to step out of the mold of conventional allopathic medicine in order to investigate the integration of complementary and allopathic medicine,” DreamHealer said. “This is the result of the public demanding and deserving a more integrative approach to their health care, especially when dealing with a personal health crisis. How complementary medicine can further advance our health care delivery for the well-being of everyone is critical.”

According to DreamHealer, it has been widely noted in our society that complementary and alternative solutions are increasing in popularity with regard to our health care issues. Opposition towards integrative health care is also increasing. As with any new perspective which differs from the mainstream of thought, there are three distinct phases of its acceptance.

“Firstly when a new viewpoint is expressed it is met with total dismissal and little opposition or fanfare,” he said. “Secondly, if momentum grows in support of any view which may be seen as threatening to the status quo, opposition increases.

Finally the new view becomes the norm and a new level of awareness is accepted. We should all be thankful that we have progressed to the second step, as is evidenced by some biased skeptic reporters posing as legitimate journalists. It is so obvious with their ungrounded and unreferenced opposition that they are fearful of change. They view integrative medicine as a major threat to their belief system, and they are adamant that their views will not be changed by the facts. Integrative medicine is growing by leaps and bounds and is increasingly becoming a target of criticism as we are on their radar screens.”

According to DreamHealer, the skeptics are taking note of its increasing interest as a consumer-driven public demand issue. Skeptics are unwittingly helping to spread the word about integrative health being a growing concern by printing their obviously biased information. People are more well-read and have faster access to information than ever before in human history. The public can easily see through their thinly veiled fanatical negativity and are informed enough to make their own intelligent decisions. What skeptics are opposing is the known facts that people can and do influence their own health and the integration of these concepts into a practice can only benefit the patient.

The purpose of the conference is straight-forward and can be summarized by the following statement, DreamHealer said.

“The integration of all types of medicine will help us better understand how our body really works.”

The “Body Heals” conference included presentations by world-renown speakers Drs. David Suzuki, Candice Pert, Norm Shealy, Steven Aung and the only non-doctor, Adam.

About Adam DreamHealer
Adam DreamHealer, a 20-year-old author, presenter and healer with three international best-selling books to his credit presented to a sold-out audience. He was the only speaker who also presented at the AIPBC’s first conference held two years ago at the University of Victoria., notably to a sold-out audience then as well. Adam sees medical doctors as being in a key position to help their patients focus on their own ability to assist in their own healing. Says Adam “I want to provide people with tools to positively impact their own health. Primary care physicians are in a perfect situation to guide patients in exploring their own self- responsibility and healing.”

But are these alternative health techniques worthy of further exploration? Do they have scientific evidence behind them?

Dr. Warren Bell, Medical Doctor and Chairman of the ACIPBC states, “Those who say that alternative medicine isn’t based on good evidence have resolutely refused to look at the evidence.”

Adam continues his University studies in Molecular Biology in order to have a better understanding of the science behind his healing abilities. He also feels that it is very important for physicians and other health care practitioners to become more aware of the importance of integrating self-empowering intentions into their practice. The ACIPBC should be commended for their progressive and forward vision for the future of health care, as they are certainly on the cutting edge.


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