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Scientist investigates “Laying on of hands” June 18, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing, Research.

 It appears that there is some kind of universal healing energy that human beings can accumulate and use to correct health problems in humans, animals, and even plants. We recently came across a fascinating scientific research project that demonstrated this in a carefully controlled laboratory experiment.     The project was covered in detail by Dr. Bernard Grad in a special conference in Washington, DC on November 25 and 26, 1972. The conference, called “The Mind In Search of Itself,” was sponsored jointly by the Mind Science Foundation and Silva International. Dr. Grad’s presentation was transcribed.

     “This all started,” he explained, “when a Hungarian gentleman (Mr. E.) came to me with the claim to be able to accelerate healing in people according to his experience in Hungary. I told him I was a biologist and therefore I couldn’t bring any patients to him, but we could do experiments on animals and on plants.

     “When I asked him how he worked, he said that all he did was to lay his hands on the people. If they had a headache, he would put his hands on the head. He would hold his hands there for a while, fifteen minutes, or twenty minutes, and repeat this as required, perhaps the next day or several times a week, generally not on the same day.”

     Dr. Grad wanted to work with mice since they are small and inexpensive to maintain, but they don’t really want humans to lay on hands.

     “We decided to construct a little metal box divided into ten or twelve compartments, each big enough to accommodate a mouse, and when these were in the box to cover them with a wire screen,” Dr. Grad explained.

     “I want to emphasize that when we did these experiments, I used the same kind of experimental design as if I would have been testing a drug or food. In other words, we tried to make these experiments conform to the best that we knew how in biological experimentation.”

     He started with healthy mice but made them goitrous artificially by giving them a diet low in iodine, and also incorporating into their diet a chemical (thiouracil) that prevents almost all of the iodine that may be present in the animal’s body from getting into the thyroid gland. Read More…


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