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Traditional healers’ remedies for mucus conditions July 25, 2007

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We are now experiencing long, hot summer temperatures as well as some amount of wind that is blowing about plant allergens and airborne irritants. These allergens do affect the sinuses and stir up respiratory problems such as sinusitis and asthmatic attacks.

These conditions are usually triggered by allergic attacks possibly from environmental toxins, sudden change in body temperature, cigarette smoking, garbage smoke, swimming and immersing one’s head in bacteria-laden pools. Pollen from plant blossoms bring on asthmatic attacks as well.

Caring for the sinuses

Once clogged by infection or excess mucus, the sinuses cannot drain and invading bacteria cause the sinus walls to swell and become filled with pus.


Frontal headaches and pains in the cheekbone area of the facial muscles, thick discharge via the throat or the nostrils, sore throat and, in some cases, bad breath.

Natural methods recommended

Diet plays a very important role especially during an attack.

(a) Avoid dairy products such as cow’s milk, cheese, ice cream, and milky shakes.

(b) Avoid acidic foods such as pastries or flour products and acidic juices.

(c) Eliminate sugary juices and sodas from the diet.

(d) Have vegetable juices (particularly blended green juices with carrots or cucumber) as well as eat natural fruits such as cherries, guavas, apples and ripe bananas.

(e) Eat a diet with 75 per cent raw foods, for example, string beans, green peppers, carrots, lettuce, and nuts.

(f) Eat yoghurt instead of ice cream or have lactobacillus supplements to prevent stomach burns or acid reflux.

(g) Increase immune supplements such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, cod-liver oil, and the omega-3 (for adults).

Environmental house rules

(a) Isolate pets, remove carpets and rugs, or wash them often.

(b) Buy synthetic pillows.

(c) Clean windows, walls and doors to prevent dust inhalation.

(d) Keep a record of the things you should eliminate from your diet or the tree/plant blossoms that cause allergies.

Cleansing methods for adults

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