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Group offers alternative addiction treatment August 14, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternatives.

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Treatment for drug addiction is usually a lengthy and arduous process, and often times those undergoing rehabilitation end up relapsing at some point, nullifying all the hard work; not forgetting the money expended for that long sought journey to recovery.

Like in many traditional societies, alternative healing often goes hand-in-hand with conventional Western medicine. This also holds true in Jakarta, where alternative medicine is considered able to treat anything from a broken limb, to sexual impotency to drug abuse.

As far as treatments for drug addiction are concerned, the city’s community of holistic healers are now offering a new service.

Key members of the Jakarta Shao Lin Society, and the owner of the Pensaolin Rapid Medication Foundation for Drug Addiction in West Jakarta, recently set up a drug rehabilitation forum that seeks to publicize and expand on the use of traditional Chinese herbal medicine in treating substance abuse.

The “Save-Our-Nation-From-Narcotics Forum”, or Fornegeri, a forum set up on July 7 by Shao Lin members Chen Chun and Wikui Sahabu, is currently offering the Pensaolin herbal detoxifying drink at a discounted price. Read More…..


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