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Eating organic September 12, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Diet.

Since we know that we are what we eat, digest, absorb and eliminate, we should try to ensure that what we are eating is the most nutritional and is the least toxic as possible. Eating organic food is the best way to supply these nutrients and keep the toxic burden on our bodies down.All life is organic and we were designed to eat organic foods. In organic agriculture, farming techniques are used that respect and encourage life, including the microbes in our living soil. Manufactured chemicals for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are not used because they will damage the living soil; only composts and cover cropping are used to enrich soil fertility.
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We have been eating organic produce since the beginning of time, except for the last 50-plus years. In the past half-century, conventional agriculture has changed to high chemical use, and produce has become more toxic, less nutritious and less flavorful. Read More…


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