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Hospitals Relax Pain Away In Shock Trauma Patients November 7, 2007

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Kellye Lynn

(WJZ) MARYLAND Local hospitals move beyond medication to treat individuals with severe pain.

Patients at Shock Trauma are benefiting from a Japanese relaxation technique.

Healthwatch reporter Kellye Lynn reports doctors at Shock Trauma are turning to Reiki therapy to help traumatic injury patients better manage their pain.

A patient’s room at Shock Trauma is transformed into a relaxing retreat.

“It’s a technique that uses the hands and energy called chi to move energy in the body,” said Bonnie Terantino from the Center For Integrative Medicine.

The goal is to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Kim Holland wound up in Shock Trauma after a terrible motorcycle accident.

“I broke my femur and my ankle, and I dislocated my knee,” said Holland.

Now she’s seeking relief with Reiki. The goal is to increase the flow of life force energy.

“Due to that energy flow, your brain is able to produce those pain suppressing chemicals that give you that decrease in pain, calmness, sense of well being by being able to tap into that,” said Dr. David Tarantino.

Doctors say although patients are never touched, when the treatment is over, there’s a definite difference.

“They’re much calmer, more open,” said RN Donna Audia.

By going in and offering Reiki, it changes the entire situation.

Shock Trauma and the University Of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine is also offering acupuncture for pain management and conducting a study to learn more about the potential benefits.

Doctors say after Reiki patients often respond better to their pain medication.


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