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Parapsychological research backs cell phone telepathy December 1, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Research.

You receive the “bleep-bleep” on your cell phone telling you that there is another text-message, amongst the hundreds you receive, which demands your instant attention. You know you must respond, because it is the all-important text message from your girlfriend from your first year in college… the one who broke your heart! You access the message and you were right! She still wants nothing to do with you, yet you ponder the mystery of your knowing it was her out of all the ex-girlfriends that continue to reject you via text-messages. How did you know it was your long-lost antagonized love?Knowing who the sender of that text-message is not an uncommon experience and there is research to support the theory. Dr Rupert Sheldrake, in an academic paper, has produced above-chance experimental results when looking at e-mail and telephone telepathy.

e_tele02.jpgFollowing is an excerpt from the project abstract: “On each trial, there were four potential e-mailers, one of whom was selected at random by the experimenter. One minute before a prearranged time at which the e-mail was to be sent, the participant guessed who would send it. 50 participants (29 women and 21 men) were recruited through an employment web site. Of 552 trials, 235 (43%) guesses were hits, significantly above the chance expectation of 25%. Further tests with 5 participants (4 women, 1 man, ages 16 to 29) were videotaped continuously. On the filmed trials, the 64 hits of 137 (47%) were significantly above chance.”

The next phase in his research is looking at precognition as a possible answer. Would you like to take part in an experiment which is designed to support the premise that you can predict in advance who is about to text you? If you live in Great Britain, then you can take part in Dr. Sheldrake’s “Precognitive Text Test.”


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