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Response to Adam’s Interview on CBC’s “The Hour” with George Stroumbo December 6, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Energy Healing.

George and <a href=We appreciate George Stroumboulopoulos taking on the controversial topic of “Energy Healing” even though it was only for a 12 minute interview. This topic is certainly at the forefront with more doctors and academia coming on board. On November 20th, 2007 Oprah had Dr. Mehmet Oz, a respected cardiothoracic surgeon talk about energy healing. He said that it will be the next frontier in medicine. Oprah was amazed that a medical doctor, especially with the reputation of Dr. Oz, was talking about such subjects and she was very impressed. Dr. Oz said that it goes to show that the medical profession now knows that they don’t know everything.

Adam’s message has always been how we can use our own intentions to assist ourselves in the healing process. Adam is very passionate about helping people understand that we are all able to influence our own innate healing ability.

George in the past has interviewed Deepak Chopra, who enlightened him about quantum non-locality which is the theory behind distant healing. Although George is admittedly non-spiritual, Adam has now introduced him to the experience of energy healing within the field of quantum non-locality. Hats off to Adam for demonstrating the courage by going before national television and enlightening the public about energy healing. We have had emails from many people expressing their respect and gratitude toward Adam for coming forward and sharing his experiences. His integrity and commitment toward helping others was evident throughout the interview.


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