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Bravo Adam!!!! December 8, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

It was a nice reminder of some things I nned to do for myself,  My husband, JC, transitioned to the other side back in May and some days have their difficulties.  You have reminded me of the positiveness I posess within me to heal my heart.  Thank you!

That was a great interview in such a short time slot!….you managed to convey a lot of information to newcomers very clearly and succinctly, and not get side-tracked by George’s comments about charging money and skepticism. Very impressive. Also heard your interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast. Hope to see you on many more interviews

The human side of me says,”what are these skeptics afraid of”, time to get their head out of the sand.  I believe it is all spearheaded by the

pharmaceutical companies, they stand to lose billions, if God forbid people started healing themselves and others.

The other part, my spiritual side, and my healing side will shine my light on the skeptics and turn them around.

Thanks Adam, I manifest someday to be able to meet you.  Keep up your wonderful work.   There has never been a need in the world for all of us

energy healers like there is now. As Deepak said ” we all have the ability to heal we just don’t think we can”

I am very impressed with Adam’s achievements.  Forget about the disbelievers!!!!Keep up the good work Adam!!!

I saw the interview, it was fantastic, I was also at one of Adam’s group healings in Toronto and have used his methods for the past year….I feel great and have been cancer free for one year!!  Thank you!!

I love your show – you do a great job. 

It was refreshing to watch an unbiased interview of Adam on Canadian television.  We have such an incredible young man in our midst and he should be supported by this country and valued for the treasure he is.

Thank you for reporting wonderful,  positive, groundbreaking news.

I totallly understand where your son Adam is coming from… I tooo am a healer…have been for over 25 yrs… it is a gift from God and our society has reallly given people like us a very hard time… I would love to meet your beautiful son one day and share some on the stage if u may,fabulous miracles to help heal people… It has always beeen my intention,vision and im stilll holding it in my heart to come to passs… I live in San Antonio and also hold the intention that in 08 your powerful sweeeet son comes to visit our fabulous city… i would be honored to meeet this gentle,yet veryyyyyyy powerful man… hoooooorah, our society is finallly listening to us… Love you allll the way from Texas~~~~~~~~~~ Hannah



Hey Adam saw you on the CBC, fantastic show thank you for that. Stay strong my friend you know there are a tone of forces that will do everything in there power to keep the status quo. You have a large following here in Southern Ontario. See you in March. God Bless!

I just want to say Thanks George for featuring this amazing kid! Attended Adam’s seminar in T.O. last Sept. (06′) armed with a photo of a child who weeks previously was a perfectly normal 7 year old but who had developed a brain disorder that came out of nowhere. Doctors did not know what it was let alone how to treat it.  It had progressed severely to the stage where the child was in ICU, seemingly terminal. The afternoon of the seminar, which I will never forget, 500 or more of us in the hotel conference room learned the process of healing through visualization.  Those of us with photos and those who needed help themselves channelled that same energy in the room along with Adam’s guidance and positive reinforcement.  That evening (after the group healing) this same child who was listless, regressive and brain injured (docs still don’t know the cause)was recognizing people she hadn’t, had energy to bound out of bed and by the week’s end was out of ICU completely and on the road to recovery. Could be coincidence and sure that is a possibility.  But if it doesn’t hurt why not use these visualization techniques through applying the principles of quantum physics that Adam’s books explain, for other healing opportunities.
12/5/2007 9:52:42 AM Hilary S. Toronto.

I have been to see Adam with one of his workshops and love his theories and techniques.  I also know others with similar abilities and I hope more come forward for the world needs them.
12/4/2007 1:39:43 PM Tina from Saskatchewan

 Just a few of the many supportive testimonials



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