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Letter of Support (to CBC) for Adam December 8, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

Thank you so much for having Adam Dreamhealer on your show.  Energy Medicine is an important and valuable approach to healing that deserves more attention.  There are some people, who like to criticize any kind of alternative medicine, without making the least effort to truly research it.  As a scientist, it is especially shocking to me, when other doctors reject, carte blanche, anything that is not visible or measurable, by our current technology.  This is not scientific, it is blind fanaticism.  Of course it is important to help patients make informed choices.  But it is clear that Energy Medicine is something that needs to be supported, embraced and investigated in an openhearted way.

It saddened me to discover that one of the biggest critics of Adam in Canada, is a physician with a close relative struggling with Multiple Sclerosis.  Now, I am sure his intentions are good, not to get patients hopes up unfairly, protect people from being bilked financially, etc.  But from all accounts, Adam has facilitated his mother’s recovery from MS, along with helping several others gain substantial relief from the debilitating effects of MS.  I would want to explore every option possible, even new and novel ones. Adam’s approach encourages patients taking responsibility for their health.  His interventions seem to have little in the way   of negative side effects, and seem to be offering quite a bit of promise.  Science is supposed to be unbiased.  A true scientist would be intrigued and full of curiosity, at the results that Adam is getting.  Energy Medicine may well be the “penicillin” of the 21st Century.  To ignore it, or dismiss it without true scientific inquiry, is in my opinion, a kind of malpractice.

I am personally inspired by Adam & Donna Eden and many other cutting edge “scientists” of this emerging field, which is actually centuries old.  May we all be Blessed, May we all be Healed, May we all develop true Wisdom and Compassion, and learn to work collaboratively for the good of all.
Dr. Suzanne L.


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