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What is Distant Energy Healing? December 8, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Energy Healing.

Adam Adam is an internationally well-known and gifted distant energy healer.

ENERGY is the subtle energy described as LIFE ENERGY and has been known as CHI in Chinese, KI in Japanese and PRANA in Indian cultures for many centuries. Some people have always been able to “see” this energy to varying degrees, which is known as the AURA. Healers throughout the ages have focused on this energy for healing. This is ENERGY MEDICINE.  It is only our current system of “modern medicine”  that totally disregards  our subtle energy in favor of a focus based on the physical body only. It is however this energy system that is our dominant governing system which co-ordinates all of life itself. Dr. Mehmet Oz, the prominent cardiothoracic surgeon in NYC , stated on “OPRAH” that “It (Energy Medicine) will be the next frontier of medicine…The medical profession now knows that they don’t know everything.”


Adam is able to “see” the movement of these subtle energies in all living things, including people. Then he discovered that he can also remove energy blockages which impede the proper flow of energy for health. Next he realized that he is able to connect to a person’s subtle energy at a distance and influence their energy system. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut and Nobel Prize nominee in Physics, and Deepak Chopra, M.D., well-known author, both speak about QUANTUM NON-LOCALITY. It describes how something or someone at any point can be influenced by another action at another point simultaneously without any physical movement between the intervening space. Adam was thrilled to hear that what he experiences can be physically explained. He now understands why distance is not a factor.


Then Adam moved into the uncharted waters of group energy healing. He found that he can connect the subtle energies of a group with a similar focused intention and create a coherent energy. Dr. Edgar Mitchell describes this phenomenon as everyone resonating at the same frequency, like a sports team working together co-operatively in the zone. With the power of intention from all participants it is a very positive environment for healing.


Adam has written 3 internationally best-selling books, which are published by Penguin and sold in 25 countries around the world in over 15 languages. He has also created a DVD, which is a powerful learning tool.


It is common for best-selling authors to offer workshops about their books, which usually are a 2 hour talk and book-signing for $100-$200 admission. 


The difference with Adam’s author workshops on his books is that he speaks for 6 hours teaching self-empowerment in healing. Unique to his workshops, he also includes 2 group energy healings so that all participants have an opportunity to experience energy healing. The DreamHealer website www.dreamhealer.com  includes hundreds of testimonials on video and written attesting to the effectiveness of these sessions. The focus is teaching self-empowerment, so approximately 40% of registrants are healers themselves, such as medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, touch therapists, reiki , qigong and yoga masters. Many incorporate what they have learned into their own healing practices.


Because Adam’s workshops are unique and powerful, they are extremely popular and consequently he is in great demand as a speaker throughout the world. They are kept reasonably priced even when compared to 2 hour workshops held by other authors, let alone all day workshops. About 30% of participants have previously attended a workshop of Adam’s, and return for more information on energy medicine and/or a personal energy boost.


Adam knows that helping people is his life’s purpose and he is pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology to learn more about the science behind what he is doing on this energetic level to influence health. Many speak in theoretical terms of what it is that Adam does. The important thing in life is to do what you know is right. That is just what Adam is doing and intends to continue doing.


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