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Broken bones set right by herbal medicine December 10, 2007

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternatives.

What could be more miraculous for those with  fractures who can be cured without painful surgery  through Ayurveda? Sounds interesting!

A  bone-healing centre in Tamil Nadu state is gaining  popularity among  orthopaedic patients who believe that traditional  therapy has miraculous healing powers.

A  family  runs the clinic located at Puttur, 100 km  away  from Chennai,  for over 125 years, where the traditional doctors  heal the patient.

Having  satisfied  with the therapy Hameed, one of  the  patients said,  “I  met with an accident two years ago  and  fractured  my thigh. I immediately came for this treatment. I got treatment for six weeks and now I am cured and alright.”

This  miraculous treatment has made the family a  household  name and  patients  not  only  from  the  State  but  also  from   the neighbouring  States  like Andhra Pradesh,  Karnatka  and  Kerala regularly visit the clinic.

Gopala Raju who discovered a medicinal plant by chance set up the clinic  in 1881. He experimented the medicine on a  rabbit  whose back  was  broken and after that started treating  patients  from nearby villages, which include mostly labourers from construction sites and poor children.

Subramaniyaraj, a doctor at the clinic said, “We are running  the clinic for past 125 years, and I belong to the fifth  generation. Our  treatment  is  for 45 days and we apply herbs  and  eggs  as medicines. After three bandages, the patient is cured.”


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