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Getting rid of your emotional baggage February 15, 2008

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

“If my heart could do my thinking and my head begin to feel, I would look upon the world anew and know what’s truly real” — Van Morrison

The body is a beautiful thing. No matter what your girth, your height, your physical condition or your color, your body is a Divine tool. The body has its own intelligence. The body, mind and spirit are separate yet connected.

The fact that the body is full of knowledge may be a new concept. In the world of energy, energy medicine and our divine spirit, the body gives us answers to our questions and issues all the time. Our body holds every emotion and every experience we’ve ever had.

Our bodies are knowledge. Our life information, our emotions, our thoughts and our connection to a higher power vibrate and are held in the body. It would seem from a logical perspective that these things reside in the head, or mind, but not in the body. From an understanding of energy, it is the beauty of the physical body which holds this information. We can learn to access the information and change our mind about it. We can’t change the past, we can’t change what happened in our lives, but we can change how we see and live it today.

Here’s one example of experiencing the way our bodies hold emotions. Let’s say you see someone at the grocery store that you owe $20. The moment you see them, your gut twists somewhere around the solar plexus, and you turn your cart quickly in the opposite direction to avoid them. This experience could be reflecting a feeling of insecurity or avoidance. This energy in the body will remain until you change it or release it and it will show up in a variety of situations in your life.

If you walked up to this person and either handed them $20 and apologized for taking so long or even just apologized for not taking care of it, you could release the energy of guilt. There are lessons in every moment. The lesson may have been to learn to be truthful and stand up, even if it’s uncomfortable. Just from this one experience you will learn to do this in other areas of your life as well.

What you learn is that ignoring a situation does not work. It does not make you comfortable and it never seems to go away. If ignoring our emotions worked, they wouldn’t come up again when we are faced with a similar situation. We would be able to move on and not re-live, re-think and re-play that emotion over and over.

Our bodies react to all emotion — happiness, joy, sadness, etc. It does not discriminate like our minds do. Our bodies will give us signs for whatever emotion we consciously or unconsciously experience from our past and it will express that through itching, twitching, illness, fluttering, hair standing on end, heart flutters, and so much more.

In the world of energy medicine, one reaction our body may have to pent up emotion is illness. When western medicine doesn’t seem to be working or they can’t find what’s happening, one tool you can do is learn to look at what emotions you may need to release. Many alternative healing methods help us learn about our emotional state of mind, how to identify its cause and how to release it. Most importantly in my work is not only how to release it, but how to live a new way once you no longer react in the old way or carry the old emotional baggage.
Catherine Zeeb


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