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School to Support personal, educational and spiritual growth February 29, 2008

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternatives.


The Legacy of the Rose Society, Director: Peter Tongue – www.legacyoftherose.org  Established in the heart of Victoria, BC, Canada, we are a community which supports the personal, educational and spiritual growth of ALL members through an integrated holistic approach, in a safe, nurturing and sustainable environment.  

This is an Education system for Humanity’s Highest Potential!

Mission Statement:

To create an international educational community for children and youth to fully develop to their highest potential.


Vision Statement:


To create a prototype school that will ultimately be the model for many schools to come in open-minded communities throughout the world.  This new school will change the face of the current education system in preparation for the new paradigm.

Both residential and day students will study all of the essential elements of a formal education in preparation for tertiary education. They will learn self-mastery on all levels, including developing their intuitive skills.

Graduates of this community will become high-minded, independent global leaders, who will create a more evolved world of harmony and peace in alignment with Higher Wisdom and Truth.


Once established, the Society will expand to include preschool through university level so that young people of all ages can enjoy this unique opportunity.


Any child with the intention and commitment to attend will be enabled to do so.


Many children and youth today are multi-dimensional thinkers, who think in pictures not in words.  The current, linear, sequential way of teaching, for them, simply does not work!


In fact, the current way of learning forces them to slow down their thought processes approximately 300 times.  Imagine the possibilities for human potential and evolution if these students are encouraged to think, work and develop at their natural speed!


With appropriate funding in place the first school will open later this year.  Please contact us if you feel the call to participate in this exciting new venture.  We accept and appreciate any and all donations.


For more information please visit: www.legacyoftherose.org



Peter Tongue’s Education Experience (Resume):  http://www.legacyoftherose.org/PeterTongueResume.pdf


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