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Vancouver Workshop Testimonial (Back Problem) April 8, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer, Testimonials.

Adam and family, Thank you for sharing your gifts. I hurt my low back a week before the seminar. Could hardly move. By Sunday I had more comfort but not a lot of flexibility yet. My intent was to open it up and I also had intents going for balancing the HPA axis (due to trauma) and my vision. All stress and trauma related.
During the healing I first felt a laser like feeling in my eyes, then a triangle between my eyes and my pituitary (3rd eye) and hypothalamus. Tears streamed down my face. I then began to move my upper body back and forth until with ease I slumped forward like a wet noodle. My face and upper body rested on my thighs and my hands lay on the floor with absolute fluidity. My body was in charge, it simply moved the way it needed to. Back and forth, arching my back and going forward. Final touches were my neck movements, ending with a feeling of a complete alignment taking place. AFter the workshop I experienced more ease, better each day and I also felt a quiet calm within a sign that the trauma cycle had reset itself. On Monday this calm was challenged by the sad news of the death of a dear friend on Sunday while we were at the workshop. I felt the strength from Sunday keeping me calm in the grief.
I have been in natural healing for 22 years and I honor the gift and integrity of your work Adam and your wonderful family who support you. I, and my husband and daughter who attended also are really grateful for Sunday and the healing we all received. Thank you.


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