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What is healing? June 22, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing.

When people talk about healing, they assume that it means someone has a disease or illness. In other words, you don’t need healing without a diagnosis of some kind. A diagnosis means you’re “sick,” and therefore you need healing. But this isn’t really what healing means at all. Everyone needs healing. Even children need healing. We are often born needing healing, because our bodies still carry the traumas of past lives. And once we start to heal, we’ll keep on healing, for years, perhaps for eternity. Read More…


1. Elaine Grohman - November 10, 2009

It is so important that we share this information with eachother. People need to remember that they are able to not only heal themselves but, they can also heal others with love.


2. TruthSeeker - December 15, 2009

Navigating through a serious illness with a family member is a challenging and emotional experience for anyone. We (Adam’s parents) have had several such occasions test our strength.

Our first pregnancy was a high- risk one, with twins expected. In spite of our constant and vigilant care, about 4 months into the pregnancy Liz miscarried one of the twins. The second identical, twin whom we name Lance, died during a difficult breach delivery at 7 months. The trauma of losing a son whether at birth or later in life is an extremely emotional event. My grandmother, who had 5 live children, lost one baby in delivery and throughout her entire life was always emotional about her loss. She always missed her baby who never got to experience life.

We spent the next 5 years trying to have another child. The doctors had a name for the reason we were not able to have a child, luteal phase defect. We were told that we most likely had already had our family. This is where our journey of self-empowerment began. We could not and did not accept that we would never have children. This gave us the strength to read and research everything we could on the subject. Liz scoured the medical journals at the medical library, as this was many years before internet. In our research, we realized that there was a simple procedure that Liz should have had in her initial workup, after which 30% of patients with unknown causes of infertility become pregnant, but this test was overlooked. It is called a hysterosalpingogram and when she asked the OB GYN Specialist about it, she was told that it wouldn’t make any difference. She insisted that she be given the test. Within a month of doing the test which involved flushing her fallopian tubes with dye, Liz became pregnant with Adam weighing in at 10lbs 2 ounces. Fourteen months later we had our healthy baby girl named Sarah.We thank our lucky stars that through sheer determination, we took control of our health situation and have our beautiful family to prove it.
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