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Adam in my life July 2, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

I love playing with and feeling the energy of others.  I find that if I put my headphones on and close my eyes and focus on feeling the vibrations of Adams voice, I start to feel energy moving in areas of my body.  I have never experienced the intensitiy with any other singer. Something about the resonance of his voice, I believe. (OK, possibly his extreme hotness has something to do with it too.)

Speaking about energy, I need to share that Adam Lambert is the “second” Adam in my life. About three and a half years ago, I was introduced to Adam dreamhealer. He is a 23 year old energy healer, handsome, brilliant and extremely gifted- many similarities to our Adam.

Adam dreamhealer has allowed me to take control of many aspects of my health as well as empowering others to heal themselves.  My very close friend was cured of pancreatic cancer through his healings.

I volunteer at all of his events in the Toronto area and adore him.  I know his family fairly well and they are authentic, caring and wonderful people. Adam is doing the best he can with his amazing energy gifts to help people around the world.

If any of you are interested or have health issues, here is his website.


Could there be a third Adam to majorly impact my life? Dont know if my heart can take it..

Gloria Beth


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