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Celebrities haven’t been dying from holistic medicine July 2, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Big Pharma.

It certainly seems odd lately that there has been a steady stream of celebrity deaths, some of them quite untimely. However, when some of the lives lost are examined, due to their lifestyle choices, the timing seems inevitable despite their relative youth.  Some, such as Michael Jackson, did not even go beyond middle age. In many instances those who die before reaching their golden years do so as the result of addictions to drugs (prescription and/or “street” varieties) and/or alcohol, whether they are famous or just an average person, unknown to the glitter and power circuits of society. By contrast, there are those who choose a healthy, natural lifestyle (think of Jack LaLanne, pushing 95 and still working). Which of the two groups appears to have made the better decision? Read More…


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