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Comment for George Stroumboulopoulos October 2, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.


This is a comment way after the fact, but I had the opportunity to volunteer for one of Adam’s workshops in Edmonton this past Sunday. It was the first time I’ve been, and I just read his first book a few months ago. George, love you, but I don’t think you or your show did enough research on him and you may have let your bias interfere with this interview. Adam has his degree in Molecular Biology, and over half of his powerpoint presentation was slides on explaining healing with scientific understanding (as a biologist and intuitive woman, I loved this!). He absolutely made no claims that he would be doing the healing for you – essentially it was all about visualization. And over and over he emphasized that everyone should educate themselves about their own body and ailments and to follow your own intuition. So simple concepts that “average joe and jane” could really become aware of…but it’s no mystery. I think you may have distorted this as if it was a fanatical event he puts on, but I didn’t see any of that going on at all. He most definitely set the tone that the audience should be proactive in their own health. So George…you’re humble, I would say bring him back on the show…but I would suggest you attend his workshop first. If you do, please apologize to him. You were unnecessarily hard on Adam. He’s only 22, for goodness sake, and he has this wisdom. It should be praised!”


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