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Thanks for all the Congratulations October 14, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

I have received hundreds of congratulations for graduating from university. I truly appreciate all the support and positive vibes from so many.

I will print just  a sample of the emails of support here:

“Thank you so much for letting us know. Congratulations to Adam first, but to Mom
and Dad next. Your family works so hard at helping each other.
We really enjoy these up-dates and communications.  It keeps us focused on the
larger picture.  Our very best to you all. ” Dorothy

“Thanks for sharing the news of Adam’s graduation.  I’ve attended two of Adam’s workshops, most recently the one in Toronto and inbetween, I’ve attended remotely.  I just want to thank Adam again for teaching and offering the remote connection because it is very powerful.  I attended the Toronto workshop to reinforce my mental connection to him to assist in further remote connections.  I can verify that it works.  Thanks again” –


“Adam, I wish to thank you for replying. I know how busy you are and that you are in a lot of demand from many different directions. You are one of the few healers of your calibre that responds to your emails and this to me gives credit to your character and who you are as a person. You are channeling the highest light of the universe in your healing and as a person of integrity. Many Blessings, always take care of yourself. Peace, Joy and Love.” CD

“This world really needs you to be you!… Flowering in the gifts.. you were given!…growing …one step at a time…
Pay any cost; for what you know is true in your heart……..choose your friends well…
Keep shining..” Sincerely ( a spirit mom)

Congratulations Adam! You are an inspiration to us and I’m glad you are on your path to becoming an ND. You have inspired so many people in many ways:

“Some years back in Calgary, a small 10 year old boy attended one of your seminars. He played with the energy in the room and easily followed along.  He’s now 15 and in Grade 10. He’s finding his own way, having fun and enjoying life, questioning many things as he should,  but I know his meeting with you will continue to make him think as he becomes a man.  You have touched and helped to propel healing in many lives. Importantly, even  those who have not healed presently are infused with “what if”. The skeptics with their keen minds are beginning to question the safety net of imperical science and consider new possiblities. It is the trickle that becomes a river.” – Julie

“Congratulations.Very nice photo.You are a sincere person & I wish you all the best that life has to offer you.You have saved MANY lives & continue in your chosen path.WE are all so proud of you.” –   Darlin

“Just wanted to send my congratulations on Adam;s hard work. Keep going Adam.  Adam is very lucky to have parents such as you.  I;m sure without you both giving him great support, he would not gone as far as he will be.  I seen Adam in Toronto in August of 2008. It was a 800 mile return trip, but was worth it for sure. Keep it up Adam!” – Diane


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