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The Healing Power of Hope October 14, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

Hope does not deny the present darkness, but it reminds us that dawn is coming”…Martin Luther King Jr.
While waiting at the lab for tests one day, I shared a journal entry with a lovely older man seated next to me. In anticipation of my next article, I had written,
We can never fully understand why things happen. Things happen for different reasons; reasons beyond our grasp; reasons perhaps unique to our soul’s code. For all of us, uncertainty is a reality of human life, but if we live in the apprehension of illness we surrender part of our lifetime to fear. The biggest challenge for all of us is to trust enough, to relax fully into life and embrace the healing power of hope through whatever pervasive concern is inviting our attention.

The gentleman completed reading, and sat silently for a few moments. Then, he candidly asked a question that ran through me like a dagger, “Is it possible that your personal, optimistic crusade through illness might give false hope to those whose prognosis is much more serious?” Read Full Article…


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