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The Supreme Form of Devotion October 18, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Meditation.

Silence signifies great strength. Through silence man can understand the mystic tendencies of this universe. Silence also has the power to calm the soul from all its burdens.

Meditation is nothing else but sitting in absolute silence. It is an act in which the mind is removed from its worldly existence. Initially, it may be extremely difficult to block away thoughts from entering the mind but eventually the mind will get used to becoming still.

There is not a exact process for meditation because the purpose of meditation itself is to think about nothing. The only challenge is to stay alert. Thats why it is adviced to sit in padmasan (lotus) posture. Both palms should be in the front with left palm under right palm and both thumbs touching the tips of each other. In this posture, it is said that a person is in total balance with the universe.

Once in this position, first  thing to do is to offer a fervent thanks to the universe and tell the mind to not fall asleep. Then, just concentrate on breathing. Initially, only disturbing thoughts will penetrate through the mind. Do not be alarmed. Let the disturbing thoughts come through the mind and go. Just concentate on the breathing. Slow and deep breathing signifies a calm mind while fast and quick breaths signify that the mind is still thinking.

Meditation is the supreme form of devotion. No prayer and devotion can calm the soul like it does. Everybody should take out atleast a few minutes in a day to meditate.


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