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What is Self-empowerment November 6, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Energy Healing.

At a recent conference in Buffalo, N.Y. Chris Babick, Executive Director of the PWA Coalition, and I were presenting talks on the mental health needs of people living with AIDS. Chris spent most of his talk urging the mental health professionals in the audience to foster a sense of self-empowerment in their clients with HIV/AIDS. During the question period, a woman asked if we could give some practical examples of what self-empowerment for people with HIV and AIDS might look like. On the ride to the airport Chris and I continued to discuss the whole concept of PWA self-empowerment. This article is a direct result of that conversation.

In June, 1983, the National Lesbian/Gay Health Conference and AIDS Forum met in Denver. At that conference PWAs from around the United States caucused and developed the historic now famous “Denver Principles” which have become the basis of the PWA self-empowerment movement. PWA pioneers Dan Turner, Michael Callen, Richard Berkowitz, Artie Felson, Bobby Reynolds, Bobbi Campbell, Phil Lanzaratta and Bob Cecchi were all instrumental in articulating self-definition and self-empowerment for people with AIDS. Nine years and thousands of cases later, self-empowerment remains one of the most crucial issues for all persons living with HIV/AIDS. Read More…


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