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Global Intention Project less than 26 hours November 7, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

We are very excited to remind you that the Global Intention Heals Project will start in less than 30 hours. For those who have already registered please check your clocks to make sure you are properly synchronized. Our website now has the exact Vancouver time on it and not the countdown clock. You have to check to find the equivalent time in your area. The project starts November 8th at 1:15pm PST (Vancouver time); 4:15pm Toronto ; 4:15pm New York ; 9:15pm London, England; 10:15pm Rome, Italy.

If you haven’t already signed up and received a password and username, please go to www.Intentionheals.com and register to get access to Christine’s picture.
Global Intention Heals Project

November 8th at 1:15 PM (Vancouver time) the intentions of all in attendance (700) at the Vancouver workshop will be joined with intentions of thousands of people from around the globe. Together we will send our intentions to influence the brainwaves of Christine.

See, Feel, Hear, Smell and Taste… Make it Real
See Christine hooked up to the Q-EEG monitoring machine- recording your
intentions influencing her brainwaves.
See the graph changing as you focus your intentions.
Make the experience real.

We are influencing Christine’s brainwaves;
Say aloud I am influencing Christine’s brainwaves;
Now silently say the affirmation to yourself, relax and meditate as we all send our intentions to influence Christine’s brainwaves together.

***Very Important Note: Stop thinking about Christine at exactly 10 minutes after you start. Do something to preoccupy your mind.

If you miss this project make sure you are logged in  as a member for the next one.


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