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Alternative medicine – A place in healthcare? November 17, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing.

I was perplexed to say the least, since I have done medical writing and have been involved with some alternative therapy research that was shown to be highly effective.

Then, the next day an article “More insurers are covering alternative healing, at a cost,” with the same editor’s note staring you in the face before you read the article.

I am currently with no institutional backing to be able to do thorough research into recent clinical trials, but I was able to spend a few hours and find many clinical research journal articles that showed alternative therapies to be statistically significantly effective over either controls or conventional therapy. What bothers me is the technicality in that editor’s note about finding “cures.” That editor’s note has been worded to be manipulative through sensationalism. It shows obvious bias (which is why it is an editor’s note, I suppose) and is expressing that bias before the reader even gets a chance to read the article. You will not find a lot of “cures” in conventional medicine clinical trials either! Taking Lipitor for high cholesterol does not “cure” high cholesterol. Taking blood pressure meds does not “cure” hypertension. Read more…


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