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Intriguing Scientific Results from World’s Largest Intention Healing Project November 24, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Experiments.

Congratulations to the thousands of participants who made the Global Intention Heals Project a success! On November 8, 2009 we collectively created a shift by sending our intentions!

Adam DreamHealer put his reputation on the line when he planned this very ambitious research project. He was elated that over 10,000 worldwide confirmed their participation in the world’s largest intention heals project.  Since 2003 he has held large group healing sessions where the collective intention of the group creates the ideal environment for healing. His visualizations are powerful tools that help to focus intentions and this has helped thousands of people accelerate their own healing. Over the years many people have joined in these healing sessions remotely from around the world. Every one of us has the innate capacity to heal ourselves and these group energy treatments provide an experience to help awaken the healer within all of us.

In this project, Adam did not do his trademark trance healing, but instead joined

the 700 people at the Vancouver workshop in sending specific intentions to the volunteer, Christine. Thousands of participants worldwide joined in, all sending specific intentions to Christine, who was unaware of when this would occur, and was monitored by an EEG.



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