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Mushroom extract ‘fights cancer’ December 7, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine, Cancer, Diet.

“A mushroom popular in Chinese cooking can help shrink tumours and beat cancer”, according to the Daily Express. The newspaper says that tests on the maitake mushroom have shown that it can shrink tumours by 75%.

The research behind this news is a lab study in which extracted human bladder cancer cells were exposed to a combination of a cancer treatment drug called interferon alpha and a mushroom extract called PDF. After 72 hours, combined treatment with PDF and interferon had a greater effect than either drug used in isolation. The researchers say that PDF possibly enhances the activity of the interferon alpha, and that clinical trials in humans are warranted.

It will take more research to establish whether the PDF mushroom extract can enhance the effects of interferon treatment for bladder cancer. Until then, it is far too soon to suggest that this mushroom can cure cancer. It should also be noted that the study was only in extracted cells and not in ‘tumours’, as the Express has suggested. Read More…


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