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DreamHealer Workshop Thank You December 17, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

I want to say thank-you for the workshop this past weekend in Toronto. It was a very moving and powerful experience. I attended with my mom, sister and a few friends. I was there with intentions for my mom – however I wanted to share that I had an experience phsyically myself. I recently had a baby – in March – and had no milk supply. I took supplements and pharmaceuticals to try to boost my milk production – but nothing really worked. I left my little baby back at home to come to the workshop – he’s been formula fed to this point – breast fed what little I have – usually an ounce. Well, at the end of the first treatment I was FULL. By the time we got back to our rooms in the hotel that night I had more milk that I had been able to produce in the past 5 mos – and no baby to give it to:-) It continued the next day – so I was very happy to come home and be able to offer this to our little guy. The presence of power and intention within the group was phenomenal. It is always a renewal to continue with my own energy work at home. I know that Adam is a busy young man – I want to say thank-you for sharing your experiences, your time and your journey in such a self-less manner. Blessings and peace to you, your family, the volunteers who make this all happen. Nancy


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