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Workshop an Affirmation and Revelation December 17, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

Your workshop on September 5th in Toronto was both a revelation and an affirmation. With only the bit of information about Ronnie Hawkins from the news, I signed up for the newsletter a year or two ago, and with no further knowledge before attending, I was delighted to acquire some very interesting and useful new knowledge, based on Adam’s study of molecular biology, plus an extension and affirmation of many other concepts and practices that I was partially aware of. It was a pleasure to attend and witness Adam, a truly remarkable young man, and his generosity of spirit and his passion for helping all of us. I hope that he can balance his gift and talent so that other people do not take more than he is able to give. It is wonderful that Adam’s father is involved to help keep a balance in Adam’s life. Thank you for teaching me to use intentions to help with my sore shoulder. A severe strain in April had left it with a constant soreness that improved but never totally went away. It was sore on the way to Adam’s session but the soreness left with the first healing and has not returned. It is minor compared to so many others’ needs but I appreciate it very much and plan to use the knowledge that I acquired to help myself and my family. Thank you and my very best wishes to Adam and his family. Carole E


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