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Adam Encourages Healthcare Professionals to Embrace the Power of Intentions December 31, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

Adam DreamHealer binds “Intention Heals” workshops around a universe compelling what he sees as a most ignored aspect in disinfectant illness caring today: INTENTION. Forty percent of those who attend Adam’s one-day workshops have been healthcare professionals. Participants believe self-empowerment as he merges a auras of all as good as performs dual singular organisation appetite treatments. Rolling Stone Magazine pronounced “Adam is apropos a single of a world’s most in-demand healers”.

Adam Dreamhealer is a connoisseur in Molecular Biology as good as biochemistry, healer, orator as good as clergyman of self-empowerment. It is good good well good well known which a certain perspective promotes healing. This believe is instinctual as good as does not need to be explained even to a immature child. From a really immature age it is supposed which idea is an critical cause in any recovering process. Medical communities in cultures all around a universe have good well good well known for thousands of years which a focused certain studious is some-more expected to heal. Adam DreamHealer BSc Hons (1st) emphasizes this during all his workshops, in his books as good as DVD as a most ignored disinfectant aspect of medicine. Read More…


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