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Chinese cancer patients lean towards integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine December 31, 2009

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

According to a report by 7th Space Interactive, a survey done in Hong Kong showed an interesting trend.  Although many of the Cancer patients questioned did use Western medicine for their treatment, many also integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in some way.  This is just one example of the potential of combining alternative medicine with conventional Western practices.

Details of the Hong Kong study on the preference of Chinese cancer patients

Close to 800 patients were interviewed for this survey.  The results showed that 42.9% used Western medicine practices for cancer treatment exclusively.  Everybody else used at least one form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with five patients solely using TCM.  The popular treatments from both disciplines include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, herbal medicine, and diet.

Another interesting find of the Hong Kong study; many of the cancer patients did not tell their doctors that they were using TCM along with the Western treatments.  Despite a trend of believing in the combined positive effect of TCM and Western medicine, the Chinese patients do not feel comfortable talking about their preferences, at least with their doctors who are practicing Western medicine.

Fortunately, across the world, from North America, to Europe, to the East, alternative medicine practices, which have always been a part of every culture, are being recognized more and more for their potential, if not to replace Western medicine, than to complement conventional techniques and practices.  This bridge is the beginning of not only new breakthroughs, but also a new, more open-minded way of thinking.


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