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Healing is a Choice January 7, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

All healing is participatory, no matter what the method. Even Western medicine, which is allopathic—dealing with disease with treatments, including drugs, that have the opposite affect to the symptoms—accepts the idea that patients must be willing to improve their own health in order for their health to improve.

Many people have been encouraged to leave all the responsibility for their wellness in someone else’s hands, usually a medical authority. Each of us must realize that we ultimately choose every aspect of our health care. We are in charge. In this way, we become our own masters; we claim our birthright of total self-empowerment. At every turning point in life, there are decisions which we make ourselves. We define and create our own futures. Our wellness—physical, emotional, and spiritual—is part of this creation.

It is our choice whether we smoke, drink, take drugs, worry or place unnecessary stress or risk in our lives. Each lifestyle choice has consequences, but we ultimately make the decision. Generally, people want to remove themselves from the responsibility of their illnesses. They tend to pass that responsibility on to someone else, particularly to a healer such as myself. However, everyone must understand that healing themselves is ultimately their responsibility.

When people tell me that they will leave their healing in my hands, I have a serious discussion with them. I will not do a treatment on anyone who doesn’t accept the participatory nature of healing. The healer does not do the healing directly. The healer simply creates an efficient connection in order to facilitate the healing.

We also have other choices that influence our health. We can choose to ignore our own energy systems or we can dedicate time to understanding them. A healthy energy flow pattern will help each of us. To achieve this, everyone should strive to maximize his or her potential. When you are being your best self, the positive energy will radiate out in waves of healing that will affect everyone and everything, well beyond your conscious awareness.

Excerpt from DreamHealer 2


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