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The Power to Heal: A Conversation with Adam DreamHealer January 8, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

by Sydney L. Murray

What if you knew that you had the ability to not only heal yourself, but heal others too? Now it is possible.

Meet Adam DreamHealer, internationally renowned energy healer, speaker and bestselling author of numerous books including DreamHealer, A True Story of Miracle Healing, DreamHealer 2: A Guide to Healing and Self-Empowerment, Intention Heals, and an interactive DVD entitled, Visualizations for Self-Empowerment. With a background in molecular biology and biochemistry, along with his current pursuit of naturopathic medicine, Adam’s healing work is unique in that he applies scientific principles to the channeled insights of his healing work.

People all over the world have attended Adam’s workshops and recovered completely from muscular pain, fibromyalgia, and even cancer. His work with intention and visualization empowers people with the knowledge to heal themselves and help others to do the same. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Adam about his healing work and its potential to change the world of health as we know it.

Vision Magazine: What led you to your healing work?
Adam DreamHealer: It started off with my mom’s MS [Multiple Sclerosis]. With MS, there’s a common symptom that involves a stabbing pain in the side of the head. When I was 14, for some reason, I went up to her room and put my hand over her head. Immediately, I went into a very deep trance where it felt like I was navigating throughout her body. Inside her head, I saw a green light and it was very obvious to me that this was the problem. When I pulled this light out of her, there was an immediate change. She never got another pain, even to this day. And we were just scratching our heads trying to figure out what just happened. That was how the healing started and it just slowly grew from that point.

VM: Who is the most important influence in your life?
AD: There have been so many amazing people who have influenced my healing path over the years. The ones who have been the most helpful were my parents for being supportive, especially when I was so young. And we weren’t a family who was “new-agey,” or into healing and energy. They were very open-minded with the energies I was experiencing every day when I was very young.

VM: Is there anyone who is an everyday hero to you?
AD: There were some people who were very inspirational to me at a young age. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, for example, helped me understand that there is science behind what I was experiencing. My family was very scientifically-minded and we were trying to explain what was happening in scientific terms, but it was very difficult. He helped my entire family understand the science and that’s really driven the rest of my life. Recently I had an experiment set up called Global Intention Heals Project, in which thousands of people from around the world focused on one individual at a specific time. As a result, there were very significant changes in the brain waves.

VM: How did you develop your healing program?
AD: It’s been a very gradual process. It started off with individual healing and then it really branched off from there to help other people use their intentions to promote the healing process. That’s really the focus of my work. At a lot of my conferences I integrate concepts of molecular biology to explain why our intention influences our biochemistry so strongly. One common example is epigenetics, which is based on the fact that our genes are not set in stone. It’s all about the expression of these genes, which is very dynamic. You can directly influence how your cells perceive the environment that they’re in. If you’re in a happy state, that’s how your cells respond. The bottom line is that your environment directly affects the expression of every gene in your body—and we can use this to our advantage because that’s really what it comes down to when you’re trying to heal yourself. You can be in a more healing state just by focusing your intention and there’s an enormous amount of scientific evidence supporting this—not only with some of the work that I’ve done but with thousands of very well known scientists from around the world.

VM: What would be the most important goal you have right now in your work?
AD: I really want these concepts integrated into mainstream medicine by getting patients focused on healing and actively participating in this human process.

We have this idea right now that you go to the doctor, they give you a prescription, and you just take the pill. But there’s no responsibility on your part. It doesn’t make sense because we know scientifically that if you’re positive and focused, psychically you are far more likely to heal. But we don’t actively encourage people to do it. In fact, in many cases with people who have chronic diseases such as cancer, for example, when they go their oncologists, the way that the news is told to them does the opposite in discouraging them from participating in the healing process. I’ve heard from a number of different people that their oncologists said it doesn’t matter what you eat or what you do—it won’t make a difference as far as the healing goes. And that’s nonsense. You should still be doing everything you can to promote healing in your body. One of the problems with allopathic medicine is that we tend to judge health solely on a number of biochemical markers—but there’s more to health than that. A big part of it is the quality of life and how a person feels. You can use intentions to promote healing and affect those biochemical markers. You’re not only feeling better; you are getting better.

VM: What could someone expect by attending one of your workshops?
AD: People who come to my workshops learn a lot about the science behind healing, which I think is very important for a lot people who seem to think of healing and energy as a very mystical thing. I don’t like to think that at all. I like to break it down into very basic scientific concepts that help to explain it. And I think that really helps people use these energies more effectively.

In the workshops, people are also going to get a chance to use these energies a lot. They’re going to experience these energies first hand and have a lot of tools for playing around with it and using it for healing. There’s a lot of information in the workshop. It’s a real life-changing experience for many people who get to see and feel their energy for the first time.

VM: What is one thing that our readers can do on a daily basis to change their lives?
AD: Put five minutes aside every day to visualize how you want the next day to go. Some people like to visualize selling that house or getting that job. Others like to visualize health. Imagine doing all the things that you’re going to do once you get past whatever your illness is. Your intentions are very powerful tools once you start using them.


Dreamhealer Books

VM: What do you think the future holds for our world?
AD: I think that the collective intention of the entire planet plays a huge role in determining which direction we will go. So it’s important to have everyone focus on the same wavelength to visualize the healing. Collectively, it makes a big difference.

Experience Adam DreamHealer’s one-day event March 7 in Marina del Rey as he merges the auras of all participants and performs two unique group energy treatments. The event will be held at the Marina del Rey Mariott, 4100 Admiralty Way. Register or learn more at dreamhealer.com, or explore Adam’s scientific research on the healing power of intention at intentionheals.com.

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