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Combining Naturopathic Medicine Remedies and Western Medicine March 19, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in naturopathic.

Because naturopathic remedies are gaining recognition and even Federal support (in the United States of America), it is becoming easier and easier to combine both naturopathy and western medicine into your holistic health care program. In fact, many of the naturopathic doctors practicing in the United States today are both MDs and NDs, meaning they have gone to school for both allopathic (Western) medicine and for naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic medicine can take several forms, as can Western medicine. Just as a Western doctor might prescribe a medication to lower your blood pressure, but might also prescribe dietary and lifestyle changes to assist in those health changes, a naturopathic doctor may prescribe many complementary remedies. Your doctor of naturopathic medicine would take a look at the prescription medicines and lifestyle changes prescribed and recommend additional action, such as acupuncture or additional lifestyle and dietary changes. Perhaps your naturopathic doctor might suggest communicating with your allopathic doctor about trying an herbal or homeopathic remedy in place of the prescription medicine for a while. As long as communication lines remain open, you can easily combine naturopathic remedies with western practices.

It is especially effective to combine practices on changes in minor health care issues such as weight loss, quitting an addiction, dealing with chronic pain and lowering cholesterol or blood pressure. It can become a little trickier when you are dealing with major health care issues such as cancer. Because both types of medicine would need to prescribe serious medical intervention for something like forcing cancer into remission, you will need to be extra careful to communicate fully with both doctors.

Sometimes the two practices will indeed clash, and this is where you may have to make a choice between the two medical models. For example, an herbal remedy may produce serious changes in the body equal or even more powerful than a prescription chemical-based drug, and taking both might cause death or serious harm. You will need to get opinions from both doctors and compare your options, making sure each doctor is aware of all of your medications, remedies and practices so both doctors can make fair assessments. If you communicate openly, there should be no problem integrating the two medical modules.

Rachel Mork


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