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Alternative medicine March 28, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

When doctors could find neither an explanation nor an aid for her mother’s high blood pressure, Kinga Babicki-Farrugia began to explore alternative ways of looking at the issue.

The journey led her down non-traditional paths and eventually led her to become a doctor of naturopathic medicine. And today, she’s doing for patients what she did for her mom many years ago.

“I became very interested in how a naturopath looks at the whole person and tries to get to the root cause of the problem,” recalls Babicki-Farrugia.

Too often these days, those suffering want a pill to take away the pain, Babicki-Farrugia says. “What we do is look at symptoms as an expression of the body’s attempt to heal,” she says. “Sometimes when you take pain medication, it may actually be detrimental; it may just mask the problem, give you a false sense of security…so  you go right back to work and you just reinjure yourself. We typically take a more long-term approach; we’re not just looking for a quick fix but rather at the root cause.”

With that in mind, new patients typically have a two-hour introductory appointment where an in-depth health history is taken including information about everything from lifestyle issues, to energy levels to diet. She then gives the patients a physical screening, investigating skin, hair, nails, blood pressure and other key indicators of a body’s health.

“Then, in the second appointment, we move toward implementing a full treatment plan tailored to the patient,” she said. “I really believe we have so much to offer: a natural approach in which we focus on lifestyle issues and other issues; it’s a holistic approach that really works.”

Babicki-Farrugia is also big on preventative measures and constantly talks to her patients about good habits today that can prevent health issues tomorrow. “Educating patients is a big part of what we do,” she said. “We can prevent a lot of these long-term issues if we eat well, if we change our lifestyle…so we try to inform people about how they can do that.”

Education is also a big part of what Dr. Paul Zheng does at his clinic, where he practises Chinese medicine and acupuncture out of the Kozlov Centre.

“Our clinic provides alternative health care based on acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, reflexology, shiatsu (acupressure/ massage therapy), cupping and facial rejuvenation acupuncture,” said Jennifer Chuang, a spokesperson for the clinic.

“Chinese herbal medicine works better for many people than more traditional approaches,” said Chuang. “For example, gall bladder problems, high blood pressure, infertility … there are more than 520 kinds of herbs that Chinese doctors can use to treat different problems,” she said.

She said many of the clinic’s patients are referred by family doctors. But, she admits, many are skeptical. “Many people still don’t know a lot about Chinese medicine so we try to educate them, give them the basic ideas, suggest they research on the Internet and then we try to help them.”



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