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It’s Time to Heal: Adam and Bruce Lipton April 5, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Alternative medicine.

From close to 30 years in family practice, I know the strengths and effectiveness of Medicine in diagnosis and interventions that are life-saving. At the same time, I am aware of its limitations to do much more than manage and contain many debilitating and devastating chronic diseases and many cancers.

Given the growing burden of disease and the increasing expense and shortage of medical manpower and resources, our societies need solutions to a crisis in health care that continues to expand. Perhaps what is needed is whole shift in perspective.

Medicine focuses almost exclusively on the physical body. As Einstein is quoted as saying – “you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it.” My version is – “you can’t solve a physical problem by only physical means. You have to go to another level and that level is the level of energy – of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions – what I call the quantum factor.

The current medical model of disease substantially leaves out the quantum factor.

In doing so, it leaves out the contribution that patients themselves can make to their health and well-being. When patients don’t feel they can make a difference and are not empowered, they are in fear and fear is the greatest obstacle to a good outcome.

In my view, if we want better outcomes for patients, we have to expand our working model of disease to give attention to these underlying causal factors – unconsciously held beliefs, thoughts and associated emotions – and their impact on the physical body. There is some 30 years or more of experience, that I am aware of, showing the link between these mental and emotional factors and disease and giving testimony of healing from chronic disease, cancer and other illnesses when these energetic factors are addressed and cleared. There are many energy-based healing modalities – Resonance Repatterning, Psych-K, Inner Resonance Technologies and more – that have supported patients to fully heal. Read More…


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