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Dreamhealer in the Beginning April 21, 2010

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Growing up I had a relatively normal urban childhood. My family was not into energy healing, and we didn’t talk about auras or anything like that. This just simply never came up in conversation. I always saw auras, the subtle energy surrounding all living organisms. Thinking this was normal, I assumed that everyone experienced this, so I never mentioned it. When I was 13 years old, strange telekinetic events started happening, like pencils and erasers flying out of my hands. But it wasn’t until my family witnessed some of these telekinetic episodes that we all began to think something different was happening.

My mother has had MS, multiple sclerosis, since I was very young. As a young child, I have few memories of her because she simply didn’t have the energy to participate in our everyday family activities. With MS, there is a very common symptom called trigeminal neuralgia, which is a stabbing pain inside the head. Some people describe this as the suicide symptom because of its intense painfulness. It was a regular routine for us that about once a month she’d go upstairs screaming with pain. We would stay downstairs as there was really nothing we could do to relieve her pain.

One day when I was 14, Mom was having a trigeminal neuralgia attack and with no expectations or specific thoughts, just the intention of helping my Mom, I went up to her room and I put my hand over her head. Then I went into this very deep trance, and I couldn’t see anything else around me except for images of my mom in front of me. I found myself navigating throughout her head. I saw this green pulsing light and it was very obvious to me this is what the problem was, so I grabbed it, and I pulled it out of her. As a result of my doing this, her pain vanished. Even to this day she has never had another trigeminal neuralgia attack.

That was my first healing experience, and it just slowly evolved from there. My parents spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out what was happening. Dad would bring people back from his work, and I would tell them what I saw regarding their health issues or do treatments on them. By word of mouth, news spread about my healing abilities.

I became well known in the healing community after I worked with Ronnie Hawkins, a famous rock ‘n roll musician. He knows everyone in the music business, and even had John Lennon and Yoko Ono as houseguests one time. When I was 15, I saw this article in the paper about how he had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were not options for him. The doctors told him he had only two to three months to live. So I emailed and asked him if he’d be willing to let me work on him. Having nothing to lose, he agreed. From 3,000 miles away, I instructed him to lie down at 7 o’clock, and let me know what he felt. At 7 o’clock when I did the treatment, his stomach started pulsing very intensely. It was very obvious to him that there was a strong connection happening between us. Now Ronnie knew that these distant energy treatments were working. I kept doing these treatments for several months. Ronnie got another CT scan and an MRI, and the doctors all concluded that there was no sign of cancer; the tumor was completely gone. As I write this in 2008, he has had six more birthdays and he is still cancer-free.

News traveled about Ronnie’s recovery and after an article in the Rolling Stone Magazine appeared, several TV shows followed as did newspaper articles around the world. I  wrote my first book, “DreamHealer” as I wanted to help people in their healing and bring awareness to energy healing, distant healing and to our connections to each other in this journey called life.

Demands for my healing work became overwhelming. Then during a First Nations Healing Gathering with The Cree Nation, I tried my first large group healing. I could see how the energy of the group acted as one large aura, and was excited to hear from participants as to what people felt. The results were amazing! I found that group energy treatments are very powerful healing sessions. Group energy treatments provide an energetic jump-start to one’s healing.

Shortly after this I became aware of the fact that with a participant’s intentions they can greatly assist in their own healing transformation. Intentions can be focussed for optimal healing through visualization techniques. In my excitement I wrote my second book, “DreamHealer 2- A Guide to Self-Empowerment”. This book provides everyone with the tools needed to recreate their own optimistic future. A DVD by the same name serves as a great resource which brings many visualizations to life in a dynamic format.

Since I was 16 years old, I have been presenting my information and personal experiences at conferences. The focus of these conferences has been teaching others how to use their intentions and energies to help themselves and others influence health. Since 2005, I have held “Intention Heals” workshops which also include two group treatments, allowing all  participants to experience energy healings. I have also participated in conferences with many of the other most notable speakers of our time in health and healing. What a privilege and experience this has been!


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