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Toronto DreamHealer Workshop April 22, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

Dear Adam, In Toronto I felt the incredible healing energy during our afternoon group session. My left sinus had near incapacitated me due to the constant pain since last August. Often triggering a migraine chain reaction. I felt the energy distinctly in my left sinus. Since April 11th I haven’t had pain, the drainage has begun, and I’m well on my way to getting my affairs back in order. I’m a Psychic Medium and it took all I had not to shout out when you presented us with your Black Bird, Nootka vision. I rode on that bird a few years back, to an island with ocean along the western coastline. Visions, as you mentioned are profound and usually life changing. That’s no earthly bird, but the Spirit Representation of Healing. The Ancestors saw it in visions and that’s why it’s all over the totem poles. It made absolutely sure that you had no doubt of your life’s calling! During meditations, I frequently find myself with others, canoeing into a sacred cave. My reflection in the water is of a First Nations person (I’m of Celtic origin). I’ve always known that cave is somewhere on the western coast (although I’ve never been to the coast). Seeing Nootka made the hairs stand on my body. Do you know if there’s an ancient, sacred gathering cave in that vicinity? Is there anyone that you could put me in contact with who could confirm this? The next day when I shared this revelation with a Psychic-Medium Buddy, who’s also been to this cave, he and I were both completely covered in goose flesh. (He also recalls my vision of riding a huge black bird to a Western Island many years ago.) My senses say that I’m seeing a gathering of all the Tribal Spirit Talkers/Healers, and whether you believe or not, you were there my friend. Have you tried a Sweat Lodge Vision quest? I don’t know why I’ve asked but I think you’d find many more profound answers, to assist you on your beautiful healing journey. Thank you for listening to your Higher Self Adam. I was honored to watch you work and hope to see you again, someday, somewhere.  Ann


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