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Visualizations April 24, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer, Healing.

One of the most important requirements for healing is the ability to visualize. Visualizations are concentrated or focused intention. An intention regarding a cut would be just for it to get better. By doing a visualization you would see the whole healing process take place in your mind. You would be seeing the blood platelets clot the wound, you would see the whole healing process take place until there is no doubt in your mind that the healing process is complete and that you are better. All the healing you do on yourself or others is through your intentions and visualizations. These intentions are directed by your visualizations.

The visualizations should be as close to reality as possible. The best way to come up with suitable visualizations is to fully understand the problem you are trying to heal. Do your own research on the problem and know as much about the illness and the anatomy of the injured area as you can. This will help you guide your healing intentions more accurately to the source of the problem. The mind is integrally linked to the immune system. Therefore having the visualizations as close to reality as possible will more accurately direct the immune system towards the specific problem.

Know what white blood cells look like, so that when you visualize them attacking the problem, the visualization is close to reality. The better you are at visualizing the easier it will be for you to heal yourself and others. When you are visualizing you have to know that it is going to work. If you have a cut on your hand and you visualize it getting better you have to use focused intention. Imagine white blood cells going to the injury and repairing the damaged area. Continue these visualizations until you dream about them. Your body heals best when you are asleep or in an unconscious state. So if you dream your visualizations, it is similar to when your body heals itself.

If we convince ourselves that our body is being healed then the body will act on that belief by healing itself. Breath energy into every cell, every cell has the purpose of its own survival and the communication with others. The soul or total energetic body binds all cells into one functioning harmonious pattern of energy.

With the interconnectedness of everything, all barriers between us are illusions. With any visualization you must envision your youthful, healthy body and harmonious immune system, which is balanced, strong and resonating with positive attitude and confidence. Your visualizations are limited only by your imagination, which is limitless. With our imaginations we are not limited to our five senses.


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