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Are Skeptic Organizations Preventing Scientific Advancement April 28, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing, Skeptics.

Most of the great scientific advancements in the world have been fought and resisted by skeptic organizations. Many of the people who belong to these groups are members of the academic community which is responsible for teaching future scientists. How does one devote themselves to the skeptic societies of the world and at the same time play a role in future advancements? It seems to be a contradiction in thinking.

When manned flight was first witnessed the top Scientific magazines at the time claimed it was a major hoax. In the late 1800’s a US senior bureaucrat, in a cost cutting measure suggested that they close the patent office. His reasoning was that, “everything that could be invented had been invented.” Talk about an inability to think outside the box.

We all have paradigms which prevent us from seeing beyond what we have been trained to see. When Dr. Bruce Lipton first spoke of epigenitics, the study of how our environment can influence our genetics, no one wanted to listen to this idea. Mainstream science had invested billions of dollars and years of education in a different model and they weren’t about to throw it all away. Advancing science requires that we get rid of our ego and accept change. Now, years later, epigenitics is an entire field of study.

There have been thousands of peer review studies made available on how our intentions can influence another person’s brainwaves. As with all the reports that were available about manned flight in the early 1900’s, scientists and skeptic societies are ignoring them and calling the authors frauds or scam artists. The standard approach by the skeptic societies is to attack the individual and try to label them as a fraud, liar or illusional. Accuracy and truth in many of their articles are non existent. It is a culture of innuendos and insults on innocent people. Many of the facts they place on their websites have no evidence whatsoever. Many of the members of the organized skeptic groups do not have a shred of interest in understanding the science behind any of the phenomenon taking place.

Most people, who want to know more about what is going on beyond the negative rhetoric of the skeptic societies, only have to do a little searching on the internet. The public has to be proactive and suspicious about much of the material published on these websites. Do your own research and don’t be swayed by the libelous and slanderous statements made on skeptic websites. Dr. Dean Radin at the ION’s institute, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Norm Shealy, Dr. Elizabeth Targ and numerous other scientists have documented research on how our intentions can influence our health. To simply burry our heads in the sand and say it is not possible, is counter productive for any scientific advancement. That is the approach of most skeptic societies.

Those in academic positions should be open to understanding more about the vast knowledge they don’t know, rather than totally focusing on the little they do know. We are a long ways from understanding all the mysteries in the world and in order to explore them to the fullest we have to be open-minded. By simply preaching that all references to unsolved mysteries are fraudulent does no good to our knowledge base. We have to eliminate our stone-age thinking in order to move forward and go where no skeptic has gone.

“There is never a crowd on the leading edge.” – Anonymous


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