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Company Made Patients Guinea Pigs April 28, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Big Pharma, Healing.

On Tuesday, the federal government agreed on a settlement with pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca for an amount of $520 million. The issue over the illegal marketing of the brand’s illegal marketing of the company’s was resolved at this deal. Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary and Eric Holder, the attorney general made this case an instance of the federal government’s no tolerance policy of healthcare frauds at a news conference. As per the allegations, the company sold Seroquel for uses that are not permitted by the federal government. It was used for treating schizophrenia and insomnia at large.

The US federal attorneys alleged that the company had made the patients guinea pigs. The company faces over 25000 product liability lawsuits for this particular drug which is alarming. A lot of the users alleged that its use led to the formation of diabetes in them. The product was marketed from 1997. Allegedly the company paid the doctors to go to resort locations and promote it to prospective users. AstraZeneca tried to deny the allegations slapped against it and said that it wanted to avoid the expense, delay and uncertainty of a long legal war.

Owing to the off label usage of the drug it fetched the company in $4.9 billion in the last year, as the investigation has revealed. It became the 2nd best seller product of the company. The US medical rules allow pharmaceutical majors to bypass the selling norms and use off label sales to garner profits. Of late the FDA has become more stringent about permitting drugs for specific use in the market.


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